Is Aviation Sponsorship Available?

Aviation courses are so expensive that it will take an average parent’s entire savings of over ten years to afford it. Now it has been left for only children from wealthy homes or those sponsored by government agencies interested in their youths growth.

At different times, I have come across people who have had to give up on their dreams or settle for something else complain about how the Nigerian system is not supportive enough. Back in the day, states sent many of their youths out on merit but now, it has become a racket only those in the caucus or those connected can play.

The hope of the Nigerian youth must stay alive with good reasons, if we want the japa trend to experience some decline. Apart from that, someone must fly the plane, fix it, dispatch it, attend to passengers onboard, load baggage, etc. We must have young ones in every office understudying and being prepared to collect the baton the older well-trained professionals carry.

Must we wait until there is a total drain or can we be proactive?

Maman Avia Initiative for Women and Youth Empowerment is about proactivity. It aims to bridge this gap between potential sponsors and individuals looking for these sponsorships. So far, we have been able to train six ladies and we look forward to expanding the numbers (inclusive of men) and it’s impact.

Are you a young person interested in aviation or already in aviation but saving up towards a career upgrade? Why not relate with the brand through all our platforms in order to be notified whenever these opportunities are available.