Why Miss Aviation Nigeria exists

Miss Aviation Nigeria is an annual empowerment pageant that encourages more young women to pursue careers in aviation and showcases the contribution of women to the aviation industry.
It is targeted at empowering them for growth and development in the aviation space. We also create opportunities that foster business growth.

Enrolment is open to all ladies: non-aviators, students who are studying aviation or related disciplines and also those who work in any aspect of the aviation industry, such as, air traffic controllers, engineers, pilots, cabin crew, flight dispatchers and other ground fields.

It is organized by Maman Aviationworld, a registered body into events that are empowering, educating and entertaining for the aviation space.

Some of our objectives are:
 Connecting active youths in the industry who are searching for mentoring and direction.
 Creating platforms that inform young ones about career opportunities in aviation.
 Bringing the aviation industry closer to those outside the sector.
 Empowering women via the Miss Aviation Nigeria that creates platforms for societal contribution and career start.

Miss Aviation Nigeria was birthed on 28 December 2017 and since produced queens who have been good ambassadors and represented the brand and their aviation discipline well. The brand is passionate about supporting more young women in aviation and hopes that Miss Aviation Nigeria will help inspire a new generation of female aviators.