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Our Vision

To create an aviation community where all players and stakeholders in the industry can meet for the enhancement of business and development of the industry.

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MAMAN, an acronym for Mr and Ms Aviation Nigeria is a company for events in the aviation space. A name intentionally chosen because we aim to come up with events that include and require the participation of the men and women in the industry; from the straitjacket professional to the fun-seeking youth.
MAMAN is equipped with professionals in the business and entertainment world. These put together gives a perfect blend of entertainment and professionalism; for aviation enthusiasts and the promotion of the industry.

Our Mission

To network with a targeted audience actively seeking to interact with the industry.
To connect the aviation world to the Nigerian public.
To connect professionals across all areas of the industry.
To create a platform where young aviators can get information for self-development.
To create an avenue to secure new business leads.
To create the ultimate platform to promote new or small scale businesses in the aviation industry.

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