About Maman

Our Vision

To be a key platform that enhances youth participation, growth and skills development towards a better aviation industry and to support business growth and investment for a richer industry.

Corporate Profile

Maman Avia Initiative for Women and Youth Empowerment is a non-governmental organization (NGO) for the aviation space. We have created a platform that promotes Youth participation in the aviation industry via sponsored pieces of training while leveraging on existing and new relationships for job placements. Through our NGO, we can be your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as we are aligned with the Social Development Goals (SDG) 1, 5, 8, and 17.

Some of these platforms include events that are empowering, educative and entertaining to enhance capacity building for the aviation space. We are focused on engaging youths of different ages and on different levels through these events which are; Youth Aviation Business Conference (formerly The Nigerian Aviation Business Exhibition), Miss Aviation Nigeria Empowerment Pageant, Avia-Membership 360 (a.k.a Young Aviation Enthusiasts) and Air Ready Talk-show.

Maman is equipped with professionals in the aviation industry and the entertainment space, these put together give a perfect blend we call “Avia-entertainment” i.e., Aviation entertainment and professionalism. We seek to encourage the participation of young men and women who are already in the industry or interested in the industry; from the straitjacket professional to the fun-seeking youth intentionally towards the growth of the industry.

We also offer aviation support services, such as, advise/ consultation advise/consultation services for any business in the aviation industry due to our rich pool of professionals. We have access to the best and most reliable hands in the industry that can help with any investment and purchase advise including clarity of information.

Our Mission

To create platforms for youth participation, development and empowerment.

To network and connect with a targeted audience actively seeking to interact with the industry.

To bridge the gap between young existing or potential professionals and mentors in the aviation industry.

To create a pool of professionals across all areas of the industry.

To create the ultimate platform to promote new or small-scale businesses in the aviation industry and to secure new business leads.

To be selected as CSR for individuals, corporate and government bodies interested in investing in an organized next generation development.

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